Farm to Keiki Program

Farm to Keiki Program

The Bennett Foundation

We are excited to announce that this year we are working on a statewide Farm to School Network and our Farm to Keiki Campaign in Hawai’i! A prelude to a healthy, new school year for our keiki. Nationwide, the movement for Farm to School programs have continued to gain exposure, and The Bennett Foundation is working towards contributing to this venture!

Farm to School programs aim to connect children with information on good nutrition as well as sourcing foods locally. Introducing locally grown foods creates an awareness of healthy food choices that children can find and connects them with their communities. Sourcing from local farmers and small farms helps to create a healthy local economy as well.

In Hawai’i, our unique geographic location makes it an ideal place to implement Farm to School programming. There currently is not a universal preschool program which results in these programs being administered independently. The Bennett Foundation is working towards creating a more universal program that can be more easily administered throughout the state.

Stay tuned while we continue our work towards reaching our goals of improving the health and well-being of those in our communities!