• Speak up for those

    in your community

  • Bring physical activity

    into everyday life

  • Make positive living

    a family thing

    The Bennett Family
  • Inspire our youth to

    affect positive change

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Our family started The Bennett Foundation to close gaps and to ensure that children and families are empowered to make social and behavioral changes. By educating communities through free, accessible programming, we hope to provide kids and families with the knowledge and resources that will enable them to make positive, healthy lifestyle choices.


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Our Core Values

Integrity: Our work is guided by integrity and commitment to diversity and inclusion; we recognize the worth of each person we serve.

Inclusion: Every individual should be treated with respect, compassion, and acceptance, regardless of geography, gender, race, ethnicity, and income.

Culture: We embrace the values, beliefs, and traditions that make our communities unique.

Equity: Every individual should have access to nutritious food and safe environments to play and exercise, regardless of geography, gender, race, ethnicity, and income.

Collaboration: We foster a culture that encourages partnerships and open communication.

Education: We support education efforts that provide children and families with the knowledge and skills needed to make positive choices.

Leadership: We value leaders that engage in activities that create community improvements and foster social change.

Resilience: We support community resilience.

Health: We encourage and promote healthy and active lifestyles for children and families.

Family: Family is our foundation.

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"It's so great that kids get to meet you and learn about fitness. Thank you! GO SEAHAWKS!"

- Liz

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