The Bennett Foundation Teams up With Keiki and Plow

The Bennett Foundation Teams up With Keiki and Plow

The Bennett Foundation

The Bennett Foundation believes that children and their families should strive to lead healthy, active and productive lifestyles. We have found that the values we work hard to facilitate in our community align with the principles of others looking to affect positive change in theirs.  

We recently had the opportunity to learn about the sustainable farming practices of Keiki and Plow – an organic, family-run farm in Hawaii – working to educate youth and their families about the importance of healthy nutrition.  

Along with Keiki and Plow, The Bennett Foundation was joined by early childhood schoolteachers focused on helping students learn about the many benefits of proper nutrition, what healthy food looks like and where it comes from. In addition, we learned about how human behavior influences the land, plants and animals that help sustain us.  

Education goes a long way in ensuring that children and their families are empowered to improve the health and well-being of one another. We value the relationships we’ve developed with organizations such as Keiki and Plow, who are passionate about providing opportunities for children to learn and lead healthy lifestyles.