Survive the Summer

Survive the Summer

The Bennett Foundation

For professional football players the offseason is the perfect time to get some mental rest and spend time with their families, but it also is a chance to get ready for a new season to kick off. If the players decided not to study their playbooks, exercise, or stick to a schedule during the offseason, they would not be able to play to their full potential the next season. Similarly, when your students go on summer break, they have an excellent opportunity to have fun and keep on track so that summer can be as rewarding as possible. Here are some tips we have to make sure your kids have a meaningful summer!

Stick to a Schedule – It’s easy to want to shift bedtimes around, sleep in longer, and move meal times to whenever someone is hungry. However, sticking to a schedule will help boost the families energy, nutritional health, and productivity. To ensure that a summer break isn’t wasted, make sure that the family can agree on the times they would like to wake up each morning and when to get some sleep. Setting a breakfast time will make sure everybody gets up – who doesn’t love the smell of bacon in the morning?

Make Some Plans – Give your kids something to look forward to! Planning walks to the park, bike rides on trails, or trips to the zoo will keep your family active and will get you out of the house. If your kids know they have fun plans for the morning, they will be more motivated to get some sleep!

Farmers Markets – Many communities have farmers markets during the summertime where you can hear local musicians, meet up with friends, and gets lots of good food! Farmers markets offer fresh produce straight from local farms. This is a good opportunity to teach your kids where the fruits and veggies in grocery stores come from. When they know the history of their produce, they will be more motivated to eat healthy, especially if they pick it out themselves!

Weekend Warriors – Weekends are an excellent opportunity to take your family out! Camping, road trips, visiting family members – there are lots of things to do on the weekends for the whole family. State parks are an excellent choice because they offer affordable campsites, often have restrooms and showers, and have fun activities like hikes, swimming, and excellent family time! For an added bonus, get everybody a disposable camera to take photos with!