World Kindness Day & Random Acts of Kindness

World Kindness Day & Random Acts of Kindness

The Bennett Foundation

November 13th is World Kindness Day, and The Bennett Foundation invites you to celebrate by doing what makes you and those around you happy, by showing random acts of kindness! 

World Kindness Day falls on November 13th and is celebrated and observed throughout many countries around the world. Did you know that is was first enacted in 1998 during the World Kindness Movement? Each year, more and more countries have started observing World Kindness Day. Since 1998, countries such as Canada, Australia, Japan, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Italy, and the United Kingdom have jumped on board.

The wonderful thing about kindness is there is not just one way to show it. Here are a few simple ways you can show kindness:

  • Compliment the first three people you talk to.
  • Write a hand-written note to a teacher.
  • Say good morning to the person next to you on the elevator.
  • Pick up litter.
  • Spend 10 minutes cleaning a park or your neighborhood.
  • Dedicate 24 hours to spreading positivity on social media.
  • Hold up inspiring signs during rush hour.
  • Leave a generous tip.
  • Send flowers to a friend or loved one.

All things considered, participating in World Kindness Day requires no cost or registration, we invite you to show your kindness because everyone is capable of doing it! Lastly, we’d like to challenge you to extend World Kindness Day beyond the one day it is celebrated, and see how long you can make people around you happy & joyful!