Promoting Heart Health for Renton Citizens

Promoting Heart Health for Renton Citizens

The Bennett Foundation

This May, The Bennett Foundation joined the Hope Heart Institute for the Renton Take Heart Health Fair at Renton High School. Local high-schoolers who participated in Teen Take Heart, a program which emphasizes health promotion and cardiovascular health for youth, helped educate attendees about making healthy lifestyle choices and reducing the risk for heart disease. A similar program, Women Take Heart, provided women with practical and effective tools for healthier living. The health fair also offered free blood pressure and blood sugar screenings.

These events are part of a comprehensive, community-wide initiative to improve cardiovascular health, and ultimately, life expectancy, in Renton. During the month of February, which the city has named Renton Heart Month, citizens can get free screenings at local fire stations.

The dangers of heart disease are a nationwide concern—cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and the number one cause of death for women. Intervention during adulthood, and certainly at the youth level, is crucial to reducing risk. Individuals can assess their risk for heart disease by looking at their blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. High levels of all of these can put you at a greater risk for a heart attack or stroke. Adopting healthy behaviors, such as eating lots of vegetables and getting regular exercise, will help decrease the likelihood of a heart attack.

The American Heart Association website has tons of great resources which you can dive into to learn more about heart health. You can also check out more articles from The Bennett Foundation blog for ideas to improve nutrition and get active!