Michael Bennett’s First Meeting with Philadelphia Media

Michael Bennett’s First Meeting with Philadelphia Media

The Bennett Foundation

In Michael Bennett’s first meeting with the Philadelphia media, Bennett gave some insight on his intentions with the foundation. The move to Philadelphia presents an opportunity to expand The Bennett Foundation, adding another city with organizations to partner with.

“Me coming to Philly is not about just winning championships on the field. It’s about being a champion off the field and being able to work in the community with young men and women all across this city. And to be able to give back and work on the youth jails and be able to work with young women and be able to do those things is something that I feel is important for me as a person and my development as a man. And being able to be a great leader on and off the field is something that I think is important to keep continuously building the bridges from teams to the city. And I think that’s something that I bring great value to outside of just being a great player.”

To view the rest of the press conference, visit the Eagles’ website here.