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Michael Bennett to Lead March to Olympia

Michael Bennett to Lead March to Olympia

The Bennett Foundation

Over 50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and thousands of nonviolent demonstrators marched from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery in an effort to secure voting rights for African Americans in the south. Affirmative action ultimately led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 54 years later, demonstrators will march from Seattle to Olympia, in support of the I-1000 initiative and affirmative action. The law, if passed by the Washington State Legislature, would promote fairness in education, employment and public contracting for minorities, women, veterans and those with disabilities.  

Since 2014, The Bennett Foundation has worked hard to bring awareness to social equity initiatives and instill a positive change in our community. As the honorary marshal of the 4-day, 54-mile march to Olympia, Michael Bennett recognizes the significance of measures such as I-1000 that support equality and inclusion under the law. With nearly 400,000 signed petitions, the initiative has received overwhelming support from the public. Much like Dr. King, The Bennett Foundation is proud to be leading the charge toward equal treatment of those who may not have their voices heard otherwise.  

“It is important to me to collaborate with all people and exercise what it is to be a citizen of this state as well as a citizen of this country. It is important that we as a people come together and fight for and impact our communities for the future of our children and generations to come just as our ancestors before us.” – Michael Bennett

When: Friday, April 19 | Registration begins at 4 pm and the march at 6 pm

Where: Rainier Beach High School | Concludes Monday, April 22 in Olympia