Hurricane Victims Receive Essential Relief Items from The Bennett Foundation

Hurricane Victims Receive Essential Relief Items from The Bennett Foundation

The Bennett Foundation

In mid-September, The Bennett Foundation began distributing relief items to families who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

After the deliveries earlier that month, supplies were stored at Holub Middle School and Taylor High School. Volunteers organized the items and handed out lists of the inventory to each family being served. Families would then add their household size and mark the items they needed most.

Supplies ran the gamut, from day-to-day necessities like baby diapers and body wash to can-openers and dish detergent. Hundreds of bottles of water and pounds of food were distributed to families throughout the week. Backpacks and school supplies, donated by the Seattle Seahawks, were given to kids who had lost them to the storm. School staff, student organizations, and community members—some of whom had been displaced themselves—all pitched in to help, bagging up relief items based on each family’s needs and handing them out at the schools.

The response was overwhelming. One parent, who didn’t have transportation after the storm, walked all the way to the school on foot. When she received the donations, she burst into tears.

“Everyone was really thankful,” said Pennie Bennett, who works for the Alief Independent School District. Pennie has been involved throughout the fundraising process, coordinating The Bennett Foundation’s deliveries and helping hand out supplies to families in Alief. She estimates that in September, The Bennett Foundation was able to provide over one-hundred families with essential relief items.

Progress has been made in Houston, but there is still a long way to go. More than 126,000 homes were damaged in the Houston area; driving through town you can still find streets strewn with debris from nearby houses.  However, despite the tragedy and innumerable losses, the community continues to lift each other up.

“It’s a blessing to be a blessing,” said Pennie.

Thank you again to the people who donated to The Bennett Foundation in the aftermath of the hurricane, helping us provide aid to the people of Houston. We also want to thank our partners at Safeway and Costco for their support and donations. We encourage you to follow Houston’s recovery and continue to do what you can. If you would like to make a donation to The Bennett Foundation, you can do so here.