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Healthy Lunches Made Easy

Healthy Lunches Made Easy

The Bennett Foundation

Photo by Taste of Home

Packing a healthy lunch may seem like a hassle in the morning. It’s hard to get a good variety, veggies drowned in sauce can get soggy, and there’s always a chance that the lid will come off your container causing a messy bag! Thankfully, we have tracked down a trick from Taste of Home to make sure that you are able to get a healthy and tasteful lunch!

Step 1: Find a Jar – looks through those cupboards and see if you can track down a wide-mouth jar with a lid. If you don’t have any already, see if you can find some lightly-used jars at a second-hand store!

Step 2: Pack it Full – Make sure to follow the proper order or else your salad can get soggy! First, add your dressing to the bottom. Second, add in your crunchy vegetables or beans like carrots or chickpeas. Third, throw in the protein like cheese or chicken! Next, place your softer fruits and veggies in like tomatoes, pears, or apples! Lastly, shove in the greens like spinach, arugula, or a mix! If you have any room at the top, throw in some nuts or croutons to add some more flavor!

Step 3: Bon Appetit! – When you’re ready for lunch, shake up the jar and pour it onto a plate. Enjoy your fresh and healthy salads!