Family Exercise for Each Season: Sports-filled Summer

Family Exercise for Each Season: Sports-filled Summer

The Bennett Foundation

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and be active. School is out, and with nice weather on your side, there are tons of great options for family exercise. Physical activity is very important for kids’ heath, and daily exercise can be as simple as a walk around your neighborhood or through the park. Making regular physical activity a family priority when kids are young shows them the importance of exercise and helps them get in the habit for when they are older and independent.

Below are a few fun activities to help keep your family moving this summer:

Go on a Bike Ride

Any time is the right time to hop on a bike! Whether you’re taking a joyride around the stadium after a big NFC Championship win or riding around your neighborhood, a bike ride is a great way to spend a hot summer day.

Have a Picnic

Prepare a kid-friendly picnic lunch as a family and set out for a nearby park! If the park is close to your home, this is a great opportunity to get in a walk. Pick out the perfect spot for a picnic and encourage everyone to run around after eating. Bring a frisbee or a ball to toss around, or play a game of tag. Scout out items from nature to use as team flags for a game of capture the flag.

Host a Car Wash–or a Dog Wash!

Host a car wash on your street–or a dog wash! Set up a washing station in a parking lot, driveway, or on the sidewalk (depending on whether you decide to wash dogs or cars). Kids can charge a small fee or wash cars and dogs for free!

Neighborhood Tournaments

Set up community contests or tournaments and get other families in the neighborhood involved in summer activities! Sports competitions could include jump rope, kickball, or relay races. For team sports, get creative coming up with team names. The more people involved, the merrier!