Family Exercise for Each Season: Active Autumn 

Family Exercise for Each Season: Active Autumn 

The Bennett Foundation

Between the start of school and the cold, rainy weather that sometimes keeps us inside, the fall season can be a challenging time for kids to keep up on physical activity. However, weekends still provide a great opportunity to get in the exercise that your family may have missed throughout the school week. Autumn is a great time to get outdoors and admire the changing scenery, and we have some activities to recommend for this beautiful time of year.

Go on a Hike

Hike through the fall landscape and take in your surroundings. Not only are hikes a good way for families to get exercise, they also provide an opportunity to get out in nature and can have a calming effect.

Take a Brisk Run

Bundle up the family and go for a run around your neighborhood. Establish an end point or checkpoints throughout the course, and reward yourself with a treat of your choosing when you reach them.

Go on a Walk Through the Park

Bring your family or treat your pet to a walk through a local park. Collect leaves for a fun fall art project, or collect them into piles and jump around!

Play a Friendly Game of Football

Football season is here—what better way to enjoy it than playing a casual game of football yourself? Get the family involved and toss the ball around, or round up some friends for a game of flag football.

Whether you’re a full-time athlete or just an occasional exerciser, you should still make sure your body has the fuel it needs before you head outside. Dress for the weather, and do some light stretching before and after. Make sure to drink lots of fluids and eat in advance of a workout, with at least a light snack an hour before. Once your exercise is complete, make sure to refuel and drink plenty of water!