Eat Fresh with the Family on a Budget

Eat Fresh with the Family on a Budget

The Bennett Foundation

With springtime around the corner, your family is going to want to get more active. With the added activity it is crucial to ensure everyone is getting proper nutrition to support the hikes, bike rides, parks, and football fields. However, many people think that shopping healthy can be too expensive. That’s why we have put together some tips on how to eat healthy with the family on a budget.

  1. Make a list – It is important to plan out the things you need before going to the store, and sticking to that list! With this, you won’t be tempted to impulse buy, and won’t be surprised with the total at the register!
  2. Buy in-season – Prices of foods go down when the supply is high, so when vegetables are in season the prices will be better! A good way to know is buy going to farmers markets where deals are better, the produce is fresh and clean, and in-season!
  3. Buy frozen – Buying frozen has two benefits, it can be cheaper than buying fresh, and it will keep the fruits and vegetables from going bad! If you’re craving some out-of-season veggies, look to get them frozen!
  4. Buy generic – Name brands usually have higher packaging and advertising costs and add that charge to the price. You are usually able to find the same quality of goods in generic packaging!
  5. Buy in bulk – Find a grocery store that offers bulk products. Buying in higher quantities usually gets you a better deal. Usually beans, rice, oats, and nuts can be found this way!
  6. Reusable water bottles – Pick up some reusable water bottles for you family, put your own unique stickers on them, and use ’em! Not only will you be reducing the amount of water bottles you buy, but your family will also be staying hydrated!

Good luck and happy shopping!