Three Fun, Simple & Different Ways to Burn off Those Extra Thanksgiving Calories

Three Fun, Simple & Different Ways to Burn off Those Extra Thanksgiving Calories

The Bennett Foundation

Burn off those extra Thanksgiving calories!

Thanksgiving has come and gone as it does every year. The dishes you’ve been craving all season long are finally passed around the table, and before you know it your plate is piled up with turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes — all smothered with a heaping portion of gravy. It’s a masterpiece, yes. But it’s also a single meal that can easily double or triple your calorie intake on Thanksgiving. In fact, according to the Calorie Control Council the average Thanksgiving dinner is an impressive 4,500 calories! 

Burning off the calories that come with the holiday that is all about family and food can be challenging. The Bennett Foundation is here to provide three fun, simple and different ways to burn off that Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Grab your favorite hiking buddy and hit the trail for some calorie burning solitude. To get the most bang for your buck, find a trail with plenty of elevation gains. The added work will burn more calories than on a flat trail and you will likely earn a breathtaking view at the top.
  2. Walk more places! There is truly nothing like fresh air. “Walking is the least expensive exercise modality to start and maintain,” says Irv Rubenstein, exercise physiologist and founder of Scientific Training and Exercise Prescription Specialists (S.T.E.P.S.) in Nashville, TN.
  3. Help clean around the house. Not only will your family will thank you, but your body will also do for burning off some calories. Did you know that an hour of vacuuming and vigorous cleaning will shed you 200 calories? If not, now you do!

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to do too much. Burning off calories doesn’t always mean heading to the gym and dedicating all of your time there. With The Bennett Foundation, there’s always a fun way to stay active and in control of your health and wellness!