Breaking Into 2019 With TBF

Breaking Into 2019 With TBF

The Bennett Foundation

Did you know just eight percent of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions? For 2019, The Bennett Foundation invites you to be a part of that eight percent!   

At first glance, the success rate for those resolutions don’t exactly inspire. But researchers say that despite the tough success rates, making a resolution is one of the best ways to make a change, particularly if realistic goals are set in the first place.  

Wanting to change and better yourself is a beautiful and inspiring thing. One of our core key values at The Bennett Foundation is to direct all efforts toward ensuring that children and families make the right changes to improve their health. It starts with setting a simple and realistic goal today. For example, take something specific like cutting sugar or carbs out of your diet for the next week. Our nutrition focused blog posts will help you stay on track to complete those dieting goals. The wonderful thing about the New Year is it stands before us like the first chapter to a new book. You are in total control of becoming the best version of yourself.

Take the right steps to complete those New Year’s Resolutions with The Bennett Foundation!