7 Ways to Exercise As a Family

7 Ways to Exercise As a Family

The Bennett Foundation

As parents, it’s important to set a good example for your kids, and making good choices about exercise is no exception. As kids, you’re able to motivate your parents to get out and get active. You don’t have to be going on six mile runs everyday to show them that fitness is important and worth taking time for. As long as you’re up and about, your heart rate is up and you’re moving, and your family is learning together—that’s a great start!

Here are a few fun family activities that will add a little activity to your day:

  1. Do some gardening. Gardening is one of our favorite family activities. It’s a great way to get outside and move around; pulling weeds, watering, pruning, and planting seeds. Being in a garden, or anywhere surrounded by natural greenery, can have a calming effect. Gardening also gives kids the opportunity to take responsibility and care for something, and connect with other living things. Late winter is a great time to start getting that garden prepped! Plus, you can eat the healthy fruits and veggies that you grow!
  2. Go on a hike. With technology today, we’re able to find the perfect hiking trails. There are websites and apps out there that let you sort by difficulty, length, distance from home, and even show you some pictures of what to look forward to! State and national parks are amazing resources, but local parks are fantastic as well!
  3. Play a sport. Frisbee in the park? Basketball and the rec center? Catch in the backyard? Whatever your family is into, give it a try!
  4. Yoga, family-style. Get the family in some comfy clothes, get some yoga mats (or blankets), and find an online yoga video for your family! This activity allows the family to work on balance, flexibility, and strength, all while getting in some great laughs. We love this activity because we can do it from anywhere with very little supplies needed, and we’re able to practice together and grow as a family. If it’s still frosty outside where you live, this is a great way to get active!
  5. Walk the dog. Or the cat. Or the rabbit. Whatever it takes to get your critter out and about as well! If your family doesn’t have any pets, take a trip to the local humane society where you might be able to take out the animals for walks!
  6. Capture the _____. If your family has a competitive spirit, try out a game of capture the flag. Set up boundaries, a center line, and flags on opposites sides and try to capture the enemies flag! Mix up the teams often and try to recruit friends and neighbors to join in!
  7. Dance it out. Turn that radio up and DANCE! Show me those touchdown dances everyone!
  8. Walk or run for charity. See if there are any 5Ks happening in your area! This is a great opportunity to train as a family, educate the kids on charity, and a great opportunity to socialize with others who also love being active.